F.A.Q. s

1. Since everything takes place in the past, why do you write in the present tense?

Answer:  The present tense just seems to come naturally. I really am re-living what happened all those years ago. I feel as if I'm actually there, in Spain, as if the actions are all on-going.

2. How do you remember so much?  Did you keep a journal?

Answer:  It's due to my memories being so vivid that I remember so much. Often, even to this day, I use my experiences in Spain as a point of reference. No, I didn't keep a journal. Many of the people I met stand out even to this day, as do my own impressions.

3. Are you politically motivated when you write?

Answer:  No. I don't understand politics. If anything, I satirize, as in my post about the Secret Police and the striptease. In that post I also poke fun at Galloso, the matador. Another of my posts deals with the macho male. Here, the wife stands up for her womanizing husband by stating that he's very noble.  

4. You make light of the Secret Police, yet they were behind the torture and killing of so many Spaniards.

Answer: I know. But, I'm not writing a history book. If I were, then the atrocities of the Secret Police would be analysed. To be perfectly honest, in the seventies, I wasn't too worried  about the Secret Police. I knew of them, and I did suspect that the person I mention in my post might be a member.

5.  Since all the events have already happened, aren't you going to run out of material?

Answer:  Ha ha!  I have been aware of this. But, just when I wonder how many more posts I can come up with, something triggers another memory. Having a memory of something isn't enough, though. You still have to write in a cohesive way.

5. What are your goals for writing this blog?

My immediate goals are to entertain and to improve my writing. Writing in the present tense about events that took place some forty years ago, when I was in my twenties and early thirties is a terrific challenge. It's my own challenge that I have given to myself.

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